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BEST BUDGET PRODUCT (II): Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Thursday, 28 February 2013

This product is fantastic! and really inexpensive. I use this every single day, so I've hit the pan as you can see :)

  • ·         Set and mattify your make up without adding additional coverage
  • ·         Lasting powder (if you have very oily skin,  you will need to re-apply)
  • ·         Doesn't  add smell onto your face
  • ·         Help minimizes pores
  • ·         Velvety powder formula
  • ·         Affordable

The only negative point is the packaging. It doesn't close properly, the lid is not secure so be careful if you carry this in your bag. 
In summary this product works really well if you are looking for a pressed powder inexpensive. It's available in seven shades and the prize is around 4£/7 euros.

Where to get it?
This is really easy to find in any drugstore. In Italy you can buy it in Coin, Tigotà or Upim.

Lots of love


2 comments on "BEST BUDGET PRODUCT (II): Rimmel Stay Matte Powder"
  1. I've never tried this but all reports are good!

  2. Yes this products is very good indeed! :)


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