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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Today I thought I could show you all my handbag essentials with this popular tag about what's in my bag. So let's get started!

First of all, I show you the bag I'm using lately which is this gorgeous burgundy bag from Zara, called the Mini City Bag. The size, shape and the style are perfection. My wallet is from Guess and the Sunglasses are the classic RayBan Wayfarer in black.

I'm always carry the iPod and the headphones with me, because I'm always listening music while I'm walking down the street. The pink case is from Mango.
I always keep this compact powder from Chanel in my bag for touch ups and keep mattified the shiny areas during the day. It is called Mat Lumière Luminous Matte Powder SPF10. I also started to carry this mini size of this mascara from Chanel called Le Volume, amazing mascara by the way.

It is essential to carry something to moisture the lips during the day. In this case I have this Nivea lip butter in vanilla and macadamia, it has such a lovely smell. I also carry this lip butter from Korres (Korres in Wild Rose) with a touch of colour for when I need a little bit more that hydrate the lips.

Hand cream is another essential and this mini-size from Nuxe it is just perfect. It is from their range Reve de Miel. It absorbs quickly and leaves the hands well moisturised and with a lovely scent.

I tend to have a small bottle of perfume as this one from Zara. Love this scent! It is called Black Amber.

Lastly, I always bring other basics like the hand-sanitizer, tissues, a pen and the keys.

What are you essentials?
2 comments on "BAG ESSENTIALS - WHAT'S IN MY BAG? "
  1. Nuxe cream, another product I would like to give a try. Of course a lip balm it is always important to carry! and powder as well. I sometimes carry a miniature hair spray jiji. But for the rest .. mostly like you !!! :) Sonia xxx

    1. oh hair spray yes :) also some gums which I forgot to show hehe thanks for your comment sweetie!


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