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Thursday, 9 January 2014

With the new year starting is time to set some new beauty resolutions. Here there is my list for this year:

It so good have a collection of samples to try out new and different things. By in the end you just collect products in a drawer and you never use them, so I'm going to try to use all of them.

Organization is the key, and keeping all you make up organized looks very pretty.

It so important use sun screen every day during winter as well, but sometimes I just forget to apply every morning. This Kiehl's cream is so light and comfortable to wear under your make up.

Eye shadows palettes are great and beautiful but in my case I don't use them on regular basis, so I want to use them more often and create more different looks.

I tend to forget to apply body lotions after the shower or everyday, but this year I'll try to use all these products more, it makes such a different.

Last, one of the resolutions that is in my list every year. Drink more water everyday!

What are your resolutions for this year?

Have a nice day,

2 comments on "BEAUTY RESOLUTIONS FOR 2014"
  1. A nice resolution would be to create a nice space for the make up and tools. Keeping all organized. Naked 3 .. Yes it is something I would like to get jiji


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