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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I really like Kiko nail laquers. It’s one of the best products we can find in their stores. Actually it’s really difficult leave the shop without buying one. They have so many colours to choose from and the price is super cheap.
The formula of these is quite good as well for a non-expensive nail polish. The formula is quite thick and the brush is wide. The duration is pretty good as well; they last up to 4 days.

These are the colours that I own, so far:

#236 Orange Red
#281 Mango
#338 Light Lavender. I really love this shade. It’s a pastel light blue-lavender that looks so beautiful on the nails. Perfect for spring-summer.
#336 Electric Blue
#342 Turquoise

#376 Candy Pink
#372 Nude. It’s is a pinky nude very flattering. You can read a full review here.
#320 Beige Mauve. It’s a taupe colour with a lilac undertone. Read a full review here.
#373 Burn Sienna. This is such a special colour. It is a bronzy brown with subtle golden shimmer.

These last two are from a new range that came out recently called Quick Dry Nail Lacquer.
#830 Metallic Blue.
#809 Dahlia Purple

They also have a range of nail care. I've tried this Top Coat called 3 in 1 Shine and I really like it, it leaves a very glossy finish on the nails. This can be also used as base coat but I haven’t tried it as a base so far. The formula is also enriched with strengthening active ingredients and UV filters. 

The other nail treatment I've used is the base coat called Smooth Base. This product evens out the surface of the nail, correcting imperfections and leaving the nail ready for the nail lacquer.
I also have to say that all these nail treatments are formulated without nasty and aggressive components which is always a good thing!

Have you tried Kiko nail polishes?

Hope you have a great day


  1. I love those nail polishes. They last quite long and i always struggle when i want to buy any ofd them... There is so many colours!! My favourite is 358 really nice colour for summer :) the top coat is great, i would like to try the smooth one that you mentioned! X

    1. The 358 one is a pretty colour as well!! but I got a similar one from Essie. The top coat was one of your recommendations so thank you for that! :D <3

  2. I wish we had a kiko shop around here, their products look always so nice and good quality!

    1. Oh no that's a pity! If you ever get the chance to visit one of their stores definitely check their nail polishes! Thanks for you comment! :)

  3. I have never tried Kiko nail polishes but oh my, these colors are beautiful! Not sure if I can find some here in California but will definitely look around.


    1. They're definitely worth trying! :) thanks for you comment! xx


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