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Zoella Let's Glow Candle

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Let's Glow! such a cute name for a candle! 

Let's glow candle is part of  Zoella 's beauty collection launched a few weeks ago and apparently is sold out everywhere. The packaging is really cute, it comes in a metal tin with a very pretty sticker on. The scent is lovely, it's delicately scented, with floral notes and vanilla. I've read that contains notes of strawberry, jasmine, gardenia and vanilla. However the smell is quite mild, gives off very little scent. 
The candle burns well but I'm a bit disappointed with the size, is quite small for the price.

Have you tried something from Zoella's beauty collection? 

2 comments on "Zoella Let's Glow Candle"
  1. The candle looks lovely and judging by your explanations the scent is amazing too!! I haven't really bought anything from the zoella range but I would love to! If the candle lives for a lot of hours then the size won't matter I guess (?). Thanks for paying a visit to my blog.. How can I follow your blog? I can't see the gfc thingy and I really want to follow your blog because it's super lovely!!
    Maria xox

    1. Thank you so much Maria! Are you on bloglovin? you can follow me there, I also have instagram and twitter :)


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