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Thursday, 22 January 2015

A few products that have made me a happy girl.

Here are some things I am loving at the moment. So I've been wearing this burgundy Zara bag and this jumper from Primark a lot lately. The jumper is so soft, comfy and cozy and it was just 10 euros!

I can't take this gorgeous watch from Daniel Wellington off  my wrist! It's so beautiful and chic. I love the rose gold details.

I'm also obsessed with the Jo Malone cologne is English Pear & Freesia When I tried this for the first time I just fell in love. What a wonderful fragrance. I find the scent very uplifting;  It's fruity and floral, fresh and so long lasting. 

Other product that smells incredible is the Vanilla Brulee Hand Cream from The Body Shop. Vanilla, caramel, spicy, oh God! and the formula of these hand creams is simply amazing.

I'm trying to be more organized and that's why I got this lovely, slim notebook that I can carry with me everywhere I go and that makes me smile every time I read the Be Happy on the cover.

 What have you been loving lately?
4 comments on "Currently Loving"
  1. Love the style and colour of your bag - it's gorgeous! The notebook is super cute too. xo

  2. Beautiful jumper! Once again .. I still want to try those hand creams!! I am also going to get one of those agendas/notebook .. Handy and good to have! Xx


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