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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

I read and love a lot of blogs, so I thought I'd mention some of my favourites. I also love discovering new blogs and talented bloggers so please tell me you favourites as well.

Make sure to check all these lovely ladies out. They're all wonderful!

Mateja's Beauty Blog
She is such a talented beauty blogger, her detailed reviews and photos are fantastic and she is very creative.

I Covet Thee
I'm pretty sure you all know Alix from I Covet thee already. She is one of my all time favourite bloggers. I could stay all the day looking at her blog! Her photography is stunning!

Sian Marie Beauty Blog
Sian's blog is adorable and so lovely to read. I like every single thing she posts.

That's Just Fabulous
Faith's blog has a great design and the photography is amazing! I love reading her beauty and non-beauty posts, they're so inspiring.

Her blog is a recent discovery of mine and I'm in love with it! Her blog is beautiful and really inspiring.

Sarah Loves Makeup
Since I discovered her blog a few months ago I have not missed a single post! I absolutely love everything she posts!

There are so many wonderful blogs that I like and follow, you can check a longer list in my Blogroll :)

11 comments on "Blogs I love"
  1. Ooo, thank you <3 Your blog is on my favourites list as well :)

    1. No problem :) aw that's sweet, thank you! <3 xx

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  3. Thank you so much for featuring me!! Your photos are beautiful as well :)

    1. Oh thank you so much Faith! I adore your blog :) xx

  4. OMG I came on here to just be nosey and find some new blogs to read. But to see my name there has literally made my heart jump. Thank you so much :D! I love reading your blog this was a lovely added surprise.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. Ohh You're more than welcome! thank you Sian! :) xx

  5. Beautiful photos! I love Sarah + Faith's blogs!

  6. This was such a nice surprise to stumble upon! I was just casually reading this and was so not expecting to see my name here! Thank you Almu, you have literally made my day! :) In case you didn't know, I am just leaving this here... I just LOVE your blog! <3

    Elif xo

    THATSALEAF ⎜Beauty. Style. Lifestyle

    1. Ohh You're welcome Elif! You have such a beautiful blog! Thank you for your lovely words :) xx


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