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Essie Nail Collection

Saturday, 4 April 2015

I have other nail polishes but Essie nail lacquers are my absolutely favourite. I don't have the largest collection but it is slowly growing. And the ones that I have I do really enjoy wearing them.
This is my collection so far:
  • Fiji, a pale milky pink.
  • Bikini so teeny, a baby blue colour with a subtle shimmer.
  • Chinchilly, a light grey with lavender undertone.
  • Buy me a cameo, a shimmery rose-gold.
  • Eternal Optimist, a dusty pink.
  • Need a vacation, a baby pink.
  • Tart Deco, a pastel peachy-coral.
  • Fifth Avenue, a bright orange-red.
  • Cute as a button, a warm coral pink.
  • Exotic Liras, a raspberry pink.
  • A-List, an elegant apple red with blue-undertone.

I have a few colours that I wear all the time like the reds A- List or Fifth Avenue or my favourite nude, Eternal Optimist which is probably my favourite Essie nail polish. These are staples in my nail polish collection and they also have amazing formula.
There are other colours that scream summer for me like Fiji, Tart Deco or Bikini So Teeny, I love using these colours during summer time. These colours also make you look tanner!

Overall I like the formula of these nail polishes. They're opaque, long lasting and leave a lovely shiny finish. The brush and application are great as well. However there are some shades with a much worse formula and application. Some colours like Fiji or Need a Vacation are really streaky and they are much more runny than most of Essie nail polishes. Also you need 2-3 coats to get a good colour payoff.

Essie base and top coats are some of the best I've used.  I apply base coat every time that I paint my nails and lately I've been enjoying the Essie First Base. This has a thin consistency and is so fast drying. It goes on evenly and smooth and leaves a good solid base for your lacquer.

Essie Good To Go is a great top coat. It works fast and leave super high shine! I really like the brush of this, it's pretty wide and it glides on smoothly.

So that is all, like I said, it's not a lot but I pretty much wear all of these.

What colour should I get next?

  Feel Bella
8 comments on "Essie Nail Collection"
  1. If you can still find it, you should definitely get Spin the bottle, it's the perfect nude...Two of my favourites are also Bahama Mama and Angora Cardi :)

    1. Ohh Spin the bottle is such a beautiful nude, I've seen it a couple of times, yes it's difficult to get! Bahama Mama is on my list as well hehe thank you Sanja xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures, I have a serious Essie problem I'm talking about 70 bottles of problems haha! I love Urban Jungle, Cute As A Button, Go Ginza and Borrowed & Blue ;)
    xxx Claire

    1. Oh wow 70!! I'd love to see your collection Claire! Go Ginza is a really lovely colour, it goes straight to my Essie wishlist! thank you :) xx

  3. I have "A List" in my collection, but it's not that good as my other Essie polishes. Anyway, I like it for the beautiful color :)

    1. A List is one of my favourites! it such a beautiful red! thank you Evelinn xx

  4. I have Bikini So Teeny, Fiji, Chinchilly, Need A Vacation, and Eternal Optimist- we have so many in common ha? :) I really want to try the Buy me a Cameo (once I can finally find one in store), but what do you think? Is the colour pay off good at all? Because sometimes shimmery nail polishes can look a tad too streaky.

    THATSALEAF⎜Beauty. Style. Lifestyle.

    1. Oh we do have many shades in common yes! :) I absolute love the colour of Buy me Cameo! It's perfectly pigmented and glides on well and it's not as streaky as other metallics however it does chip easily! like really really easy, after two days just peels right off of my nails!


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