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Essie Vs. Kiko: Base & Top Coat

Thursday, 30 April 2015

I apply base and top coat every time that I paint my nails no matter what. I never skip these extra steps. 
Essie base and top coats are some of the best I've used but Kiko has a pretty good nail care selection as well and they're a good alternative to the Essie products. 


Essie First Base has a thin consistency and goes on evenly and smooth. It leaves a good solid base for your lacquer. I really like it because it dries super fast! Kiko Smooth Base evens out the surface of the nail, correcting imperfections and leaving the nail ready for the nail lacquer. The consistency is thicker and it takes longer to dry. 



Essie Good To Go is a great top coat. It works fast and leave super high shine! I really like the brush of this, it's pretty wide and it glides on smoothly. Lately I've been enjoying using this. But the Kiko 3 in 1 Shine Top Coat was my favourite before I started using the Essie one. This can be also used as base coat but I haven’t tried it as a base so far.  It leaves a very glossy finish on the nails, but i find that the shine doens't last too long on the nails which is quite upsetting. The formula is also enriched with strengthening active ingredients and UV filters.

Do you always wear base and top coat? What's your favourite base/top coat?

Feel Bella
2 comments on "Essie Vs. Kiko: Base & Top Coat"
  1. Great top coat the one from kiko. I am using it for years now and i have not yet tried any other one. Essie must be good and I would like to purchase it soon.

    1. Yaay, I've tried that Kiko top coat because of you! It's a great yes :) thank you xx


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