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Paris Series: Choosing a red nail polish

Friday, 10 April 2015

When I think about the perfect manicure to wear in Paris I instantly think on gorgeous glossy red nails (also a nude manicure wold be lovely). Getting your nails done is important like choosing the accessorizes. That's why I want to find the perfect red nail polish that goes perfect with all those Parisian outfits including striped tops and the trench. 

I love wearing red nail polish. It's such a classic. These five nail polishes are my favourite reds of all time.

The bright and chic red
Chanel Fire shows up slightly berry toned with one coat but it's a neutral true red, not too blue or orangy.
The texture is nice and creamy and the application is ok. The huge downside is the durability. Chanel nail polishes last around one day on my nails, definitely not a great option for a trip, when you want your manicure to last longer.

Dior Rouge nail polish is quite similar to Fire by Chanel but Dior is slightly more rosy tone. I love everything about this nail polish, from the lovely bottle, to the wide brush to the high gloss finish. 

The true red "Hollywood" red
Lancome Miss Coquelicot
The formula of these nail lacquers are perfection. The brush is wide and precise which give smooth and streak free application. It's also opaque with only one coat, and the result is so glossy! It is a very sophisticated red. 

The orange-red
Essie Fifth Avenue
I find this colour really flattering on everyone and I love it specially during Summer. The colour is opaque and the formula rich. It goes on really well and looks great just with one coat.

The dark red
Chanel Rouge Noir is a classic. It's a super beautiful dark burgundy red. I love the idea of wearing this in Paris, I think it looks chic and it goes well with everything. But Chanel nail lacquers aren't the greatest, they chip really easily! Definitely not what you'd expect from such a quality brand.

Which one is your favourite? I think Dior Rouge is the one...

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2 comments on "Paris Series: Choosing a red nail polish"
  1. Lovely! I am agree with you ... Dior rouge is beautiful! Such a bright and beautiful red. Lancome miss coquelicot is also really nice! X

    1. They're both so pretty! I don't know what to choose! haha thank you lovely xx


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