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Finding the perfect nude / Finding my wedding nail polish

Friday, 8 May 2015

Bar earrings - Asos / Ring - Mango

I'm a sucker for nude nails. I'm literally obsessed with finding the perfect nude nail polish. And especially since I got engaged. I've already started the research for the perfect colour for that day. A classic, sophisticated and elegant nude nail polish. 

L'Oreal Macaron Noisette is a beige nude with a slightly peachy undertone. It has silver shimmer through it, but is very subtle and you barely can't see on the nails. It's quite sheer but with only two coats looks absolutely beautiful. And the wide brush makes a super easy application. I also love how naturally glossy this looks. 

I'm so impressed with this nail colour that I'm thinking this could be a lovely bridal nail polish. A good drugstore option. A nice option if you are looking for something inexpensive.

Tell me, what's your favourite nude nail polish?

Feel Bella
4 comments on "Finding the perfect nude / Finding my wedding nail polish "
  1. Your photos are stunning! Have you tried the L'Oreal Infallible Nail Polishes? They have a really similar colour!
    Keep it up, your blog is great!

    1. Hello Anita! no, I haven't tried those! Need to check them out! aw thank you so much lovely :) :)

  2. Lovely color! I find it perfect for that moment! X


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