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Thursday, 14 May 2015

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Basically I can never have enough highlighters. I love a dewy, luminous skin and highlighter is one of my favourite beauty products. Powder, cream or liquid. I like them all. 

These are my favourites.

Nars Copacabana Illuminator.  It's a pale pink colour and is extremely pigmented. It can be placed on the high points of the face, or neck and decollete for some dimension, or can be also mixed with your foundation.

Essence So Glow Cream to Powder #20 Bright up your lifeA more budget friendly option, but it's the most perfect highlighter for everyday use. Super beautiful sheen and super natural. 

Chanel Le Blanc Sheer Illuminating BaseIt has a creamy consistency and you can wear it under the foundation as a primer or mix it with your normal foundation. It illuminates your skin, looking radiant and healthy.  It really evens out skin tone and prepares skin for makeup. 

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter.  This gives the most amazing glow to your face! The texture is finely milled buttery. It's really pigmented but blends easily and beautifully into the skin.

Mac Cream Color Base in Hush. The colour of this is something between a peachy colour and a rose gold. Super gorgeous. It gives a lovely natural sheen to the cheeks. 

Dior Amber Diamond. A cult product but I think is discontinued although you can still find it somewhere. This gives a more golden bronze-y glow. You can use these also as eye shadows!

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Touch of LightThis is more a highlighting concealer but I actually love this on the top of my cheeks or down the nose. This gives such a beautiful subtle glow to the face. 

Rimmel Good To Glow #3 Soho glow. The consistency of this is very light and the colour is a warm golden which is perfect for summer and for that sun kissed glow effect. 

If I had to choose or recommend only one I would definitely pick The Balm Mary-Lou, it's the perfect natural gold highlighter. If you prefer a pinky glow, I would go for Essence So Glow, it's a really good and natural highlighter and so inexpensive.

Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite highlighter?

Feel Bella
6 comments on "Top Favourite Highlighters"
  1. :) really useful post! At the moment I was looking to buy a different highlighter and now I know what to buy! I have actually never mixed copacabana with a foundation. Do you recommend it? X

    1. Definitely! Copacabana is really pigmented and a bit pale and sometimes can look a bit obvious when it's applied directly on the skin. I like to mix it with my base, it gives a lovely glow to the face and looks more natural!
      Thank you so much lovely! <3 xx

  2. Ooh the Dior one is so pretty! I love the Mary-Lou Manizer- it's one of my faves, along with the Benefit Watts Up! :)

    She Likes to Shop

    1. Ohh Benefit Whatts Up is on my whislist! It looks so pretty! :) xx

  3. Gorgeous picks!! Highlighting is an extra step but always so worth it :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. It is! can't leave without a bit of highlighter :) Thank you lovely xx


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