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Four must-try from lush

Friday, 5 June 2015

The pretty bath bombs from Lush are amazing (the brand's best sellers). But there is a lot more in Lush. These four are my absolute must-try-once products from Lush.

Here are my top Lush must haves:

Lush Big Shampoo 
This is a sea salt and clarifying shampoo used for a deep cleansing to remove any buildup. I use this one time per week and my hair comes out super shiny, clean and with a lot of volume. Plus smells incredible, so fresh and clean.

Lush Herbalism Facial Cleanser  
This cleans my skin without drying it out or irritating it which is great for sensitive skin. I truly noticed a difference in my skin after this, the product has helped with the blemishes and to clear up the skin. It also exfoliates but is really gentle, so it's perfect for everyday use. 

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Mask 
This is such an amazing natural mask for sensitive skin! It's a clay mask with blueberries and chamomile that smells and feels amazing. It is very cool and soothing and my skin feels great afterwards. It really does take away the redness and my skin feels softer and even and the few bumps and marks seemed to be reduced. It really helps your skin calm down with redness and if it's breaking out.

Lush Sandstone Exfoliator Soap
I'm obsessed with the scent and how it leaves my skin afterwards. It contains sand which makes a fantastic exfoliator. It may seem a bit rough because of the sand in it but is gentle and doesn't dry out the skin or irritate. Just be sure to hydrate your skin afterwards. The scent is very uplifting: citrus and fresh. 

I didn't include any bath bomb or bubble bar because there are so many great that would be difficult to chose only a couple. But some of my favourites are: Karma Bubble Bar, Sunnyside bubble bar,  Phoenix Rising or Think Pink Bath Bomb.

Have you tried of these? What your favourite Lush product? 

4 comments on "Four must-try from lush "
  1. I'd really like to try the shampoo and cleanser! Both sounds great! I'm obsessed with the Ocean Salt scrub!

    She Likes to Shop

    1. Oh I've tried Ocean Salt long time ago but I remember it was quite rough and hard on the skin
      Thanks Laura :)

  2. I love Big Shampoo, is really does work wonders.

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. yay! can't leave without it now! :) xx


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