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Kiko Power Pro Nail Laquers

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Kiko recently released a new line of nail polishes, the Pro nail laquers, salon-quality polishes with high shine colour.
I've got two shades, 04 Rose Sand and 24 Magenta. They have a wide variety of colours and they're all beautiful. I'm obsessed with the nude colour that I got,  it's a warm peachy nude colour that looks so beautiful on the nails. 

I really like the new brush. It's large and thick, it glides over the nail easily which makes the application very easy. The polish dries really quickly, always a bonus. The consistency is amazing and one coat provides a great full coverage. I do also love the finish of these, super shiny and glossy. 

This range promises up to seven days wear. The first time I tried these I didn't apply base or top coat and my nails chipped in one day! The second time I wore top coat and they lasted five days perfect. 

There are 45 shades to choose from and I think I will pick up some more colours soon.

What do you think about these?

5 comments on "Kiko Power Pro Nail Laquers"
  1. price? :)

    1. 4.90 euros. There is a current promo buy 3 and get one free :)

    2. Yay, need to snatch them for my friend's birthday :)

  2. Amazing! I love these!! I have also used a tip coat and indeed is lasting already 2 days .. Perfectly! The color has not yet chipped! :) I loooove that color! I am also wearing it right now and it looks so nice and fitting perfectly! I will definitely purchase more of these! X

    1. Isn't it gorgeous? we should make another trip to Kiko together soon! :) <3


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