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Sunday, 21 February 2016
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Some staples I've been using daily. I'm loving these makeup items at the moment.  This post could be also called FOUR PRODUCT MAKEUP. This is all you need for a natural daily look. 
Take a look at this post where you can see my face wearing only these products :)

I'm in love with this palette. It's super versatile, compact and tiny so it's perfect to carry in your makeup bag. The colour selection is just perfection!. The palette contains three highligters, one blush/bronzer and one blush. But I actually use the three shades in the middle as eyeshadows because the colours are perfection, a rose gold, a bronzy colour and a warm brown. The quality is amazing, the glow and shimmer in these are stunning.
I've been reaching for this a lot lately. I love it for when I want breathable, lightweight coverage. It looks beautiful on the skin, it feels light and gives a lovely glow. It's natural and has the right amount of coverage to cover redness and marks. It stays on pretty well, doesn't fade throughout the day. I love the packaging,  is super travel-friendly and it contais SPF 10.

Everything about this mascara is great and everyone seems to love it. Great one from the drugstore. It goes on easily and it has an immediate impact on the look of the lashes. The curved brush really helps to cover each individual lash. The result: the lashes look fuller and volumised. 
This is a beautiful mauvey pink colour with a cool undertone. It has a satin finish which I really like. It leaves a semi matte finish with a pretty sheen. It's creamy, moisturising, glides on smoothly and is very comfortable to wear. It really is a lovely colour if you're looking for something natural but with some colour to it.

What beauty products are you currently loving?

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