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Kiko Cosmetics: Best & Worst | 2016 updated

Sunday, 7 February 2016

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KIKO COSMETICS is becoming really popular all over Europe and US right now. They have been opening stores everywhere and everyone seems to like the brand. It's one of the most loved brands here in Italy, and they are always putting out loads of new products with pretty packaging and affordable prices.  
A while ago I did a blogpost about the best and worst Kiko products which has been quite popular but I though it was time to update this post I wrote more than two years ago. 

Are you planning on visiting the store or thinking about placing an order? Take a look at this if you don't know what to buy :)

kiko best products, kiko cosmetics reviews, best kiko products


BLUSHES.  Beautiful range of colours. Pigmented and long lasting. Make sure to check the COLOUR VEIL BLUSHES, illuminating baked blushes. (review here)
STICK EYESHADOWS. They're extremely long lasting, water resistant, pretty and sleek packaging and a wide range of shades. (review here)
FULL COVERAGE CONCEALER. It's creamy, covers blemishes and marks. It does come with a mirror so it's quite a handy product for touch ups during the day. The colour selection is quite good too.
UNLIMITED STYLO LIPSTICKS. If you like matte lipsticks you'll love these! These go on creamy but dries matte after a few minutes and they hold forever and don't move around.
NAIL POLISHES. They have so many colours to choose from and the quality of these is pretty good for a non-expensive polish. The last year they launched the new POWER PRO NAIL LACQUERS and they're amazing. I highly recommend these! (review here)
SMART LIP PENCILS. They're only 2euros and they are fantastic! They're creamy, pigmented and can be used on the entire lip.  
BROW PENCILSThe application is precise and gives off the perfect amount of product leaving a natural looking result. Last year Kiko launched the new brow pecils, EYEBROW SCULPT AUTOMATIC PENCIL, which are double ended with a spooly at one end and the twist up pencil at the other. It has that triangular-wedge shape which makes the application easy and precise. 

kiko best products, kiko cosmetics reviews, best kiko products

COLLECTIONS. New Kiko collections are frequent and you can always find some good products. Don't forget to take a look at them! 
PRIMERS. Make sure to check their primers. They have a good selection and they're not bad at all. The EYE BASE works well as eyeshadow primer, it goes on easily, dries quickly and keeps the eyeshadow looking great.
WATER EYESHADOWS These eyeshadows can be used wet or dry and they super pigmented specially when used wet.
OTHER. The lip balms or some of the highlighters are also worth trying. 

kiko best products, kiko cosmetics reviews, best kiko products


FOUNDATIONS. I've never been a fan of their foundations. What I tried it didn't work for me. I'm still using the UNIVERSAL FIT FOUNDATION but I don't love it but I know a lot of people love it . In genereal, the colour selection is not great. It's hard to find light shades.
SINGLE EYESHADOWS. They're pretty bad quality. Some of them are not pigmented enough others are too glittery with giant glitter chunks, and the packaging is very flimsy. 
SMART EYE PENCILS. They're hard to work with and some of them are not pigmented at all.
MASCARAS. I haven't tried all of the mascaras but the ones I tried were very clumpy and did nothing at all to my lashes.  
SMART LIPSTICKS. These are super inexpensive and there are really pretty colours but the formula is not good. They aren't pigmented or creamy and don't last long.
BRUSHES. The makeup brushes are hard and difficult to work with. Some of the bristles fall down when you apply your makeup.

Are you a fan of KIKO?
Have you tried any of these? What's your favourite KIKO product?

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