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Thursday, 17 March 2016

favorites blushes fair skin, natural blushes

Blushes are fun! Blush is one of my all time favourite makeup products so I'm excited to do this one. Thank you, Faith of That's just fabulous for tagging me! 

What colour blush suits you the most?
Soft pinks, peachy-pink shades do well on me. I think these colours suit most skin tones.
Pressed, cream or loose blush?
Pressed, I just find them easier to work with. I like cream blushes, they leave a lovely natural finish on the skin but I feel like I don't know how to apply them properly.
Favourite shimmery blush?
I adore 'Coralista' by Benefit. I think it might be my favourite blush of all time. It gives such a natural colour and glow to my cheeks.
Favourite matte blush?
Nars 'Douceur'. Douceur is a beautiful rosey nude colour and the perfect natural blush! I still can't believe this has been discontinued. I also love Burberry 'Earthy' which is also a gorgeous natural light brown blush. I use this as a contour powder sometimes!
Favourite cream blush?
I love the shade 'Ladyblush"by Mac. It'a a warm rosy muted colour with a little peachiness to it. It looks very natural on the cheeks, it gives that natural flush. I've recently discovered the H&M cream blushes, and I fell in love with the shade (and the packaging) 'Dusty Rose', a soft mauve pink that gives a natural flush to the cheeks.
favorites blushes fair skin, natural blushes
Favourite drugstore blush?
Rimmel 'Santa Rose' is one of my favourite blushes. It's a peachy pink shade that gives a nice healthy glow. It's such a gourgeous colour! I also love the Max Factor Creme Puff blushes, they blend beautifully and have a nice shimmer to it.
Favourite high-end blush?
Benefit 'Coralista' again, I love it so much. But also Nars blushes in general, they're fantastic!
Favourite bright blush?
Nars 'Orgasm'. I love this one especially in the summer. It's the brighter sister of Benefit 'Coralista'. 
Biggest blush disappointment/regret?
I think MAC 'Rosy Outlook'. It's a  super beautiful matte soft coral shade,. The blush is so pretty but sadly it didn't show up the way I wanted on my skin. I found that the pigmentation didn't transfer to the cheeks very well which is a shame.
Best blush packaging?
I like the simplicity of Mac blushes. They're compact, you can see what colour is inside and they're great for travelling. But Nars packaging is so chic!
What's on your blush wishlist?
Hourglass! I really want to try their blushes. Oh and Tarte!
Number 1 Holy Grail blush?
I have to mention 'Benefit Coralista' again. I can't say enough good things about it. I love the formula, the colour, the finish and that it goes with any makeup look.

I'd love to read yours if you decide to do this tag. I'm tagging a few ladies as well: MatejaGyudy and Caitlin to do this next :)

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