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Light Bases for Summer | Lightweight foundations

Sunday, 19 June 2016
light bases for summer, best foundations for summer
light bases for summer, best foundations for summer

When the weather gets warmer I like to switch up my base products to lighter products. I love using foundations that feel light on my skin. I'm a big fan of the BB/CC creams, they adress skin tone, helps to correct redness, uneven skin and pigmentation and it also contains a very high SPF to protect your skin from sun damage which is perfect for summer.
These are my favourite lightweight bases for summer. All of these are lightweight, breathable and give a beautiful, radiant finish.

I really like this one and it's my favourite of the collection, in my opinion it's better than Chanel CC Cream! It has pretty good coverage for a CC Cream. It’s moisturising and gives you a healthy glowy finish.The finish is rather dewy but natural, without looking greasy. It does not feel heavy on the skin and it lasts pretty well on the skin although if you have very oily skin this may not work for you as it can get too oily a couple of hours after applying. This is probably best for those with dry to normal skin.
CHANEL CC CREAM  SPF30/50 | link
It provides a good coverage and a nice, luminous finish to the skin. It's a very good product but is not my favourite since this has a very yellow undertone, which sadly does not work well with my skin tone. Also I find it never sits on my skin right and makes me feel a bit oily. 
It's another of my favourites and I use this one all year round. This feels light and gives a good glow to the skin. It stays on pretty well, it doesn't fade throughout the day. 
It's very light coverage but will even out your skin tone and add a healthy glow. It feels fresh, breathable and the finish is luminous and dewy. I think it's a great option if you have dry skin since this is super hydrating on the skin.
I love using this for days where I don't want to wear full makeup. It's lightweight, glides on smooth providing light coverage that evens out the skin tone. It gives such a fresh look to your skin. It can be used as a highlighter under foundation for that soft sheen, glow that looks like it comes from within.

Have you tried nay of these? 
What's your favourite summer base product?

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