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Trying Kiko Scrub&Peel Wipes | Kim K's obsession

Tuesday, 28 June 2016
kiko scrub and peel wipes, kim kardashian beauty favorite
kiko scrub and peel wipes, kim kardashian beauty favoritekiko scrub and peel wipes, kim kardashian beauty favorite

Kim Kardashian recently revealed her skincare routine on Snapchat, showing some of her favourite products.  I was so surprised when she revealed that the first step in her beauty routine was a 5.90 euro skincare product.  When I saw her spapping about this Kiko product I went to pick up one pack immediately! I knew I needed to try it ASAP.
If it's good enough for Ms Kim K...

I'd never tried exfoliating wipes before so I was very intrigued. These are 2 in 1 wipes, the textured side exfoliates the skin and the other provides comfort and freshness. Be sure to use both sides!
They work great. The exfoliate part is really scrubby, it gives a proper scrub (be careful if you have sensitive skin) and the other side gives a lovely fresh sensation and leaves the skin glowing and soft. The skin literally glows in an instant. They do a really good job exfoliating, it slightly removes dead skin, the skin feels soft and smooth afterwards.

The texture of the wipe was a little rough, it definitely does exfoliate so make sure you don't use around the eyes. They are quite strong and my skin was a bit red afterwards. But after a few minutes it felt so soft and amazing. It brightened my complexion and left my whole face silky smooth.
If you have extremely sensitive skin maybe these aren't for you, they can irritate the skin. Also, you shouldn't use them more than twice a week.

Overall I like these, they made my skin feel extremely soft, radiant and healthy. I've been enjoying using these, they're quite addictive!

Kim K's favourite face wipes are good and cheap and you need to pick up asap! 

Have your tried this? Are you going to pick this one up?

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