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The Perfect Summer Red | Chanel Espadrilles

Thursday, 1 September 2016

chanel espadrilles review, orange red best nail polish

                                             THE PERFECT SUMMER RED
chanel espadrilles review, orange red best nail polish  

It's classy and such a summery colour. The shade is seriously lovely and vibrant and it just works so well with everything and looks nice on different skin tones. I wanted to share with you as it has been the only one I've been wearing since trying it.

The colour is a bright orange-red with warm undertone. It has an opaque coverage after two coats and a lovely shiny finish. Chanel has recently reformulated their nails varnishes and I'm so glad Chanel reformulated these, as they were so expensive and disappointing formula. The brush is very precise and they are more long lasting than the the original formula.

Love the pop of colour it brings to a look. You cannot beat a red-orange in summer.

I'm so OBSESSED with this nail varnish right now. It's the only one I've been wearing for the past month. 
What's your favourite summer nail polish?

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