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I’m Almu and I'm currently living and blogging from sunny Singapore. But I’m a Spanish girl who used to live in Italy with my half Italian, half German now husband (Newlyweds!). 

I love makeup. A lot. I also love travelling. I do also love that you stopped at my blog where I can share my two passions with you. 

Where did the name Feel Bella come from? 

Feel Bella means...It literally means feel beautiful. When I started blogging back in 2013, I was living in Italy so I wanted a name for my blog that combined my two favourite languages, Italian and English. I love the word bella because it means beautiful and that's how I want everyone to feel when read my blog, beautiful and bella.

      It's lovely to meet you.

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  Feel Bella

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  1. Hi lovely, I nominated you for the Liebster Awards because, well, I like your blog :)
    You can find out more if you go to my page to see what to do next!
    The Beauty Break

    1. Oh that's lovely from you! thank you so much! :)

  2. Hello!
    May i know what camera do you use to take pics for instagram?

    Thank you


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